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Who is webxpert

A man with a mission.

With more than 20 years of experience webXpert was brought to life in 2004. In the early years webXpert served his customers with setting up their website, installing and upgrading there pc and server park. Untill today, we offer more than that. Using our expertise in many fields we offered our customers a complete solution. We stands for you and me

What you would not expect. webXpert is also prescent in other fields.

something completely different.

  • "The real" alternative energy

    Not your average solar panel or wind mill but things like: microgeneration, energy harvesting, overunity, earth batteries etc... "Impossible" you say! Those who never try ... never fail. Those who never try should not complain about those who do.

  • Lucide dreaming

    You can make your dreams come true. Using your dreams to your advantage. "You are kidding, right?" - No. 

By the way, my name is Edwin Stas - born in 1970. And my mission is ... if i would tell you, i have to kill you ;-)

What we offered

  • Development - from start to finish

    We do not invent the wheel again. But in some cases, the wheel needs some fine-tuning. Web design, extending your website, automation, small tools that make you live easy, android app development, etc...

  • Consulting - great things happen when you put your minds together

    You are the expert. And when putting our minds together, we can solve almost any problem. We also offer advanced training for starters and professionals.

  • Artwork - a different approach

    3D rendering, cartoon animation, vectorization, and many other techniques put together. With eye for details.

  • Keep IT green

    Buying a new PC or servers is easy. But what about the old ones? webXpert disassembles your hardware from device to it's original material like plastic and metals. Even your old hard drives with sensitive information will be take apart like you've never seen before making it impossible to reassemble. What do we do with all this material?  For example: PCB's are used for artwork, many parts we use for our alternative projects, metals and plastics are recycled by certified companies.

Terms and conditions

1) Friends or no go
In order for you and me to work together we will have to know each other. This can be by means of Google+ or any other social network. Once we know a little bit more about each other, and we made a good connection we can get started on our project.

2) Price offer
I will not make any price offers if you are unknown to me. I did that in the past. Making price offers just so you can compare with others is not worth my time. Trying to get the price down with offers from other companies will not work with me. It will only make me want to loose you as a potential customer. There is no need to compare my offer with that from other companies. You just cannot compare apples and pears, they are just not the same.

3) Why?
The main reason for the existence of webxpert is to help the starters among you and the smaller companies that are working hard to keep up with the big ones. We all want to complete and grow, and make our dreams come thru. But sometimes we do not have the means to do so. I welcome you, and together we can make it happen.

4) not just another job
It is our project. This means that it is not just another job between two companies. I do not just do a job and you do not just pay me. It has to be more than that. It has to be your project, your dream. If you are one hundred percent ready and want to go for it, then it will become my project as well. And together we will make that dream come thru.

5) Time is very important
There will be no time wasted. If questions are asked, answers will be given within 24 hours. Otherwise a project will come to a stand still. We do not want that to happen.

6) Only one project at the time
If a project starts, there will be no other projects until the other is finished. Others will have to wait for the first project to be completed. I give myself one hundred percent for every project, big or small. That's why it is important that we do not waste time.

7) Priorities
I have priorities when it comes to life. Daughter and wife come first.

8) Respect, respect and respect.
The most important keyword. Keep it in mind because it is the red line within each project. It all starts with mutual respect. There can be no collaboration if there is no respect.

9) ownership
You are the owner of the project. So once it is finished and the bill is paid (very important), you become the owner of all password, source files or whatever the project is made of. For projects like a website, the domain must be your ownership. Webxpert will never be the owner of a domain or website. If you are not comfortable with these terms, there is no place for you and your company in my life.

Published: march 2015

Letter to my customers

Publish date: December 2014

Webxpert.be suspends all its activities from today on. Why? Well, enough is enough. Let me explain. Webxpert was born because people asked me to many times to help them out. IT companies a decade ago and still today, are too expensive for the small companies and starting companies. There was no good alternative to get good support for a small price. Webxpert came to the rescue. That is the good part of the story. It is a good story but i'm not going to tell it here. Read the book ;-)

Fed up
Yes that is right. I'm fed up with all the crises here in Belgium. Since i founded webxpert, i had to deal with an economic crisis, a financial crisis and now the ever lasting 3th. 3th? Yes, the first was a normal economic crises, the second one was made by the banks and the third is one that has always been around. I can only speak for the country i live in (belgium). In belgium many companies have a bad habit for making others look bad. Because they want to make money fast by ripping their clients off, its not opportune if suddenly this small company rises with competitive prices, thats not good for business. So its better to try to destroy the competition by making them look bad or just intimidating them. And some of them go a long way to make that happen. And then of course there are the customers, you can't do without them. They always want the best things for the lowest price. Who can blame them, i know i always try it that way. But we have to be realistic, the sun is by far the only thing i know that comes up for free. ..........
Trust me i've been there but i'm fed up.
Fed up with customers that are not paying their bills.
Fed up with customers that cannot make up their minds so projects keep getting on the long run. (Time is money) And it is also stolen time that i cannot put into other projects or even worse, my family.
Fed up with having to deal with all the costs governments make you pay.... just to fill financial holes jet to make another.
Fed up with the high prices some companies manage, probably why outsourcing is so popular.
Fed up with price agreements between suppliers just so they can make big money fast.
Fed up with governments that are not doing enough to get things fixed.
Fed up with the intimidations from other companies (non customers). This is another thread that has grown since a couple of years. The phone calls from unknown callers who won't reveal who they are, the companies that thread to sue you and threaten your living environment, companies that are sore losers,... and i can go one. I'm not the only one with this problem but i may be the first to write it down. Some companies really take it a step too far when it comes to intimidation, like having somebody watch you from a distance. A couple of days ago i saw the last one across the street. To bad i couldn't make a photo, he was gone after he saw me. You sometimes begin to get paranoia but be aware of some mafia practicing companies. They should be dealt with.
The threats had stop, so in my opinion, the only thing i had to do was to stop completely.

I'm pulling the plug. Its just not worth it. The system is failing and i do not want to be a part if it anymore. Some will say that i'm a loser for quitting, but i don't see it that way.

So whats next?
Time for changes.

But first, I want to thank the good customers who gave me the feeling i was looking for. Making me make the difference in their lives. I want to thank the bad customers, the bad suppliers, the sore losers and our government to let me see how we do not want things done, to let me see how i can protect myself and the people i love from making the same mistakes. Those were good lessons. Thanks for that.

So, what is next? I've learnt that it is good practice to let go of all that is negative in your life and embrace the positive things. Doing the things that you're good at, doing the things that make you happy, doing the things that make your life worthwhile. That should be everybodies goal in life. This is not the end, its the beginning of new era. As for myself, I will still be the guy that helps his friends, gives good advice, passes over his knowledge.

For those with questions regarding this statement feel free to ask. Dont be a stranger, but be aware - if you are a company i will not be mister nice guy, i will not be taken advantage off any more!

Update march 2015: webXpert will continue to exist under other terms and conditions

Update august 2015: The END.

Even with the new policy and terms and conditions, the intimidations would still not go away. I know now that the only thing for them to stop is...for me to stop. You should all come to Belgium where you can practice "mafia" and get away with it. If you play it dirty, you will be rewarded!! It's just not what I want for my daugther.